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  • Want to have your hair done quickly?  Crochet is the fastest style to put in. 

    We have a huge selection of in-stock crochet synthetic hair ready to send to you. 

    We've got Pencil/Mambo Twist, Tamasha Dread, Baju, natural locks, box braids and many more.

  • We have the largest range in New Zealand for hair braiding.

    We have many styles of braids including Abuja, Avvis, Spanish, Brazillian braids/Salsa braid.

    With our braiding hair, you can make many styles including Ghanian cornrows, Box Braids Pick and drop braids and many more. We also have many colors to choose from.

  • Weave is fast to install and just looks great. If it's weave you want we will have the style you are after. 

    We have a large selection of weave styles including straight, curly, and wavy with well-known types including Daniella, Mayfair, Alaska and many, many more.

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